Chiranjeeb Deb
Chiranjeeb Deb



I'm a UX Designer, Currently in my final year M.Des Student with key interests in User Research, User Experience and Interaction Design


Most of my works are around user research, user experience design, user interface design and interaction design. Design for me is: 'Solving real life problems' and hence most of my work is focussed on social innovation and problems that have great impact on our daily lives.

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Founder & CEO, 8th Sense

Chiranjeeb worked with our startup as UX/UI intern and it was great having him in the team. His ability to manage and complete the tasks within the given time is amazing. He also brings in unique perspectives and ideas which are always relevant. His conceptualization skill is something that I can vouch for and it is wonderful to work with him. He definitely adds value to the team with his skills.


Co-Founder, Geriacare Solutions

I had the opportunity to work with Chiranjeeb as a group of motivated individuals took the endeavor to host the first live TEDx event in the University history. Chiranjeeb was one person that I personally trusted to handle the most important of responsibilities. Chiranjeeb is a diligent individual and he exhibited that in the time that I spent with him. He can be counted upon to find out workable solutions in tricky situations and his dependency was invaluable to the team, as I am sure it would be to any organization that he joins.


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